My Life Matters


Hey yall—

It’s me: your Black friend.

You know me. That Black friend from high school, summer camp, college or work. The one that makes you feel cool. That Black friend that doesn’t threaten your whiteness. The Black friend that you ask the cool phrases about. The one that makes you comfortable all the time because I’m “not like other black people.”  ( Unless you hear about my momma poppin off because someone has wronged her babies )

The one whose blackness you dilute every time you say “I don’t see color”

I am the friend you prop up and use and take pictures of to put on your mantle as evidence that you are not racist. Like it’s a decoration you bought at Target. You know- I’m your ” I’ve got a black friend”

Do you see me yet?

Can you picture me in your head now? Can you hear my voice in these words like I’m actually there with you? Like I’m sitting right across from you.

Your silence, your need to be a devil’s advocate, your white ally-ship without work is no longer acceptable. Your passiveness is no longer acceptable.

More is needed. More is expected.

You either see all of me or don’t see me at all.

You are either for black lives or you are not.

My life matters more than your comfort, and why should my existence make you feel uncomfortable?

Do you see me yet?

Because I see you.


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