For those just meeting me- HEYYY COUSINS!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Patricia and I am the SHE-EO and Director of Dopeness at Hood Adjacent Tees, where we are more than a tee shirt company, WE ARE A MOVEMENT. While others flew here, I grew here, so I LOVE my city and everything around it and work to not only uplift my community, but communities everywhere. And now that I have introduced myself , WE ARE FAMILY NOW.




  It is SOOO hard to run a business, but lucky for us, we have a DOPE team running the show!!!! Meet the team behind Hood Adjacent Tees, and if you see us out and about – give a lil YEEEERRRRRPPPPPP


why hood adjacent tees

The unique thing about Hood Adjacent Tees is that we allow businesses to purchase smaller quantities of items at no penalty, as a matter of fact, WE ENCOURAGE IT. There is nothing worse than being a small business and having an AMAZING idea, going out and purchasing all of the promotional items for it in HUGE quantities; only for it to not sell in a timely manner. Not only are you heartbroken because people are not being as receptive to your dopeness the way that you feel they should, but to add insult to injury, you have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on materials that are now sitting somewhere taking up space and collecting dust.

So not only do we provide amazing products at phenomenal prices, we don’t worry about getting ahead on someone’s downfall. Some businesses focus customers- any customer. We focus on repeat customers. By maintaining a superior level of customer services, we not only have been able to maintain customers, but attract new ones based on word of mouth alone. And now that we have a Branded Vehicle, that helps as well.

In the not so distant future, we will have a brick and mortar that will serve 2 purposes. It will be a retail store in the front, that will not only carry our line, but the lines of other small businesses; but the back will be used as a co-working space and a space to hold classes built around sustaining, maintaining and improving our community.

So if you are riding along and you see us, don’t forget to say HEYYYY COUSIIIIN and ask about the special of the week and what specials we have on hand.


WHAT is Hood Adjacent


Welcome to Baltimore. If you aren’t from here, we are the home of The Wire and The RAVENS and The ORIOLES and the “Uprisings”.  If you are from here or any place like here,  you KNOW that there is more to it!  It is a place where you can go from schoolgirl to round the way girl in 10 sec flat. Where you can love Jesus but Trap music too. Not Hood, but the commute is less than 1 minute. It is a place where magic happens, dreams come true and family is over EVERYTHING!


The joy of being an adult is basically wearing what you want- you can also make your outfits family editions- Click Here